Sunday, December 18, 2016

A.H.T.K. Update


Here is the last part of the A.H.T.K. that I wanted to do. I had left over sounds I wanted to play with but wasn’t sure how till now. Enjoy these extra 11 instruments
In your horror arsenal.

11 Kontakt Instruments
Atmosphere 1
Atmosphere 2
Dark Whisper
Dirty Steam
Evil Wind
Horde 1
Horde 2
Reverse Glass (5 Zones)
Sinister Laugh
Trash Can
Kontakt 5 or higher

Feel free to use this in your production just do not sell or repackage samples.


youmackovski said...

Hey Tony,

Just dropping a comment to thank you for the free sounds and NKI.

They were very useful completing my score for the indie feature "TARNATION"

I mainly use KOMPETE, SPITFIRE and SONOKINETIC libraries and yours fitted in well with the mix of other ecletic sounds
I use.

If you are anywhere near Melboure on the 24th of November come to the premier and I will buy you a beer.


Legomegacy said...

Thank you very much Gerard, Unfortunately I live in a different country but I am flattered by the invite,

DRSATY said...

Hi Tony! Sincerely thank you very much!