Sunday, December 18, 2016

A.H.T.K. Update


Here is the last part of the A.H.T.K. that I wanted to do. I had left over sounds I wanted to play with but wasn’t sure how till now. Enjoy these extra 11 instruments
In your horror arsenal.

11 Kontakt Instruments
Atmosphere 1
Atmosphere 2
Dark Whisper
Dirty Steam
Evil Wind
Horde 1
Horde 2
Reverse Glass (5 Zones)
Sinister Laugh
Trash Can
Kontakt 5 or higher

Feel free to use this in your production just do not sell or repackage samples.

Friday, December 9, 2016

A.H.T.K. Atmospheric Horror Toolkit Free Kontakt library

I love a good horror soundtrack like anybody else, so I got inspired and started to record anything I could in my studio dragging a mike stand banging on it with a hammer, flicking a lighter, scrape every surface just Going nuts. The Result is this Kontakt Library, suitable for horror music, Halloween haunted houses and anything you can imagine that is dark and moody. I may update this one in the future as there is another section I would like to add. Free to use in any project but not to repackage samples and sell. As always I would love to hear what you make

The Demo below uses the Multis only

Kontakt 5 or higher

24 bit wav samples

Broken up into 4 group presets

Elements    (15 instruments)
Percussive (8 Instruments)
Vocal         (11 instruments)
Multi          (7 instruments)
41 instruments in total


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Joan of Arc Song

New track I composed called "Joan of Arc" mixing Orchestral with some Techno

Listen Here

universe free Kontakt Processed Space library


This library is composed of sounds obtained from Nasa, Armature Astronomers and JPL. Processed to create pads and instruments suitable for soundtrack ,glitch or anything you might imagine the universe has to offer. It includes 19 instruments plus a bonus 5 Galaxy pads. Have fun and as always would love to hear anything you do with it.

19 Main Instruments
5 Galaxy pads
16 bit samples (Original source files)
Kontakt 5 or higher