Saturday, October 22, 2016

A.G.L. An experimental Processed Vocal library


A.G.L. is a free experimental Library for Kontakt 3 and above. All sounds are based off of 5 samples recorded of Ariel Glenn Lewis, a vocalist. The five samples have been processed and mixed to produce this unique library.
The original samples are included as Ariel Original.nki.

This library 85.2MB unpacked
All samples are 3072 bit rate
There are 11 instruments included
BONUS: Body Drum : A drum kit using my voice, very simple but something to play with.
Liscence: Free for commercial
I hope you enjoy and please share your creations with me thanks.

This library is not to be sold or made part of any bundle without my permission.

listen to some samples:



ArcTis said...

There are some nice samples in there but whats the license? will you include a license file in the zip?

Legomegacy said...

Pretty much free for commercial use just do not sell or bundle vst

Flip Martian said...

Enjoyed this very much, some nice usable sounds in here thanks!