Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Old Music box song sent in by Carlos

I recieved an e-mail from someone only giving the name Carlos here it is:
Hi, my name's Carlos and I used your 'Old Music Box' VST for a remix competition and have the video on YouTube if you'd like to see/hear it. I'm not making any $ on it. It was intended for a remix contest for Plastikman's song "Ask Yourself" but didn't get it submitted in time. So I made a little video and put it on the web for posterity. (It includes pics of William Shatner in a straight-jacket).
I'm very grateful you included the sound of the box's wind-up. I used it to structure the song and named the remix "Wind Up Schitzo" as a double meaning: 1) the wind-up sound starts or ends sections 2) the music sounds like it's about someone who winds up schitzo.
If you'd like to post the link on your site as an example of how the VST can be used in a song, you have my permission.
Watch the video HERE
Thanks Carlos

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