Monday, November 15, 2010

SK-1 Multi Samples

From Wikipedia "The Casio SK-1 is a small sampling keyboard made by Casio in 1985.
It has 32 small sized piano keys, four-note polyphony, with a sampling bit depth of 8 bit PCM and a sample rate of 9.38 kHz, a built-in microphone and line level input for sampling, and an internal speaker. It also features a small number of four-note polyphonic preset analog and digital instrument voices, and a simple additive voice."

Mutisample Wav. files of the classic Casio Instrument. Broken up into folders by instruments. Also included are each of the drum beats suitable for looping.

Get them Here


allydangel said...

Love the pic! He's pretty. Love that you used your own sampling keyboard for this! Great job!

Joe Gonzalez said...

Thanks! So many sweet bands used and still use the SK-1.