Thursday, December 17, 2009

tomb raider : lara Croft: Gem of Eternity 1

hello I am Tony Diana and this is a non digital shoot done many years ago.2003.
I do not own tomb raider or lara croft this was done for fun

"My sister: The Awakening" manga webcomic finale preview

This is a special preview for the last 3d manga web comic in the my sister series. enjoy

Insight Paranormal: Orb Catalog

An attempt to help debunk photos mistaken for orbs. This is a collection of common particles photographed in a typical home environment. for the complete orb download go here
the music is just to fill the silence feel free ti turn it down if you like

Tony Diana Voice Over Demo

A small demo to showcase some of my voice talents for pro use.

Tony Diana: Mermaids 2009 photshoot

A photoshoot I did exploring one of mythologies most enchanting creatures. Mermaids. The models are Jenifer Brown and Christina Sirhal. The music is "The Jig" Composed by Tony Diana