Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Webcomic Convention

Hello all.
Just wanted to express my views about a web comic convention...
I think it's doable but it's got to start small. No con gets as big as wizard or comic con without major sponsors and advertising both of which take time and experience to build.

I believe that since web comics are nothing like mainstream comics it needs to be approached differently.

First off it is not geared by mass sales like comics. It's all about fan base. Not everybody likes the same things. I have found a wealth of variety in web comics that is unparalleled in the mainstream comic market. If the main stream were the consensus then everybody would be doing the same thing...but they are not.

There is a huge difference between purgatory Towers and Photos from Japan and yet many people seem to read these.

Also on the one hand it would be great for the exposure that might lead to more lucrative avenues but it shouldn't be about being a spring board. On the other hand it would be great to meet some of the minds behind some damn clever comics out there.

I think that web comics creators (myself included) should try to organize and hold several small cons on the same date in solidarity all over the world.

this can be done but it would be difficult at the start.

Start with a place like meetup.com they organize by interest by location. Web creators could join the groupl closest to them and could talk to each other and plan an event. The smaller groups could talk to the other groups and come up with a date.

perhaps someone within these individual groups could find a sponsor or two to help get a place and some free advertising.

I am sure there is enough talent and varied skills amongst us to provide things we would need for the cons. Art skills for banners web contacts for attendance and so forth.

I imagine it would have to be planned almost two years in advance for the first one to organize and mobilize those participating and setting up the groups.

Eventually after a couple of years it could become a regular event with sponsors and perhaps a central location for the main con after the smaller ones have met.

As far as international connections webcams could be set up to connect creators from across the globe at a virtual panel of some sort.

Just my two cents.

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